Who Is The World’s Biggest Polluter?

The world's top 20 meat and dairy companies emit more greenhouse gases than Germany.


Reported Climate Industry Pollution

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The world’s five biggest meat and dairy companies emit more greenhouse gases per year than fossil fuel giant Exxon. The top twenty combined emit more than the entire country of Germany—and by 2050, meat and dairy emissions are predicted to occupy 80% of the emissions cap set to prevent the global temperature from rising more than 1.5°C.

Plus, only six of the 35 meat and dairy producers surveyed have set comprehensive goals to reduce their emissions. [GRAIN]

  1. More than 16 million Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. In one California school, nearly half of students ages 9-12 did not know that hamburgers came from cows. [Washington Post]
  2. Sows at Tosh Farms collectively give birth to over 725,000 piglets a year. New hidden-camera footage shows the disturbing treatment of these highly intelligent animals. [Mercy For Animals]
  3. A 3D-printed folding arm helps researchers carefully handle and study jellyfish without bringing them to the surface. The device, called the RAD sampler, is built to withstand depths of 36,000 feet. [New York Times]
  4. Antimicrobial washes are a cheap substitute for more regulationand preventive measures in slaughterhouses to keep meat germ-free. The toxic chemicals present a health threat to workers, who face systemic human rights violations from their employers. [The Intercept]
  5. Wildlife trafficking brings in more than $20 billion each year and $2 billion into the U.S. alone. Last year, Chinese officials seized 13 tons of scales from 30,000 pangolins. [Undark]

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