Announcing the Sentient Media Journalism Fund

A new $10,000 fund for writers from communities underrepresented in the animal protection movement and/or journalism who wish to report on farmed animals.

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At Sentient Media, we believe in delivering the facts, commentaries, and analyses about the use of animals in our daily lives that often get ignored by traditional media. We also believe in empowering the voices of those who are often overlooked. 

The inaugural $10,000 Sentient Media Journalism Fund, made possible by Timi and John Sobrato and Stray Dog Institute, is a dedicated fund for writers from communities underrepresented in the animal protection movement and/or journalism. 

The goal of the Sentient Media Journalism Fund is to give underrepresented voices a platform that not only offers mentorship and peer-support, but also a route to pitching and getting published.

Together, we are advancing the conversation about animals through topics like factory farming, plant-based foods, social justice, and the environment while encouraging those from all walks of life to consider their relationships with animals more deeply. To do this successfully, we believe that voices from a diverse variety of communities and backgrounds need to be heard. 

Successful applicants will gain membership to our supportive Writers’ Collective community and our flagship training course: ‘Advocate to Journalist.’

Applications close Friday 1st October at 5pm PT. Apply here.


  • Access to online courses designed to take you from advocate to journalist;
  • Access to 50+ mentors and experts; 
  • Biweekly “Pitch Tips” newsletter: Every two weeks, you’ll receive a round-up of all the relevant pitching opportunities, as well as tips and tricks for how to get published;
  • Access to monthly pitch meetings: You’ll be invited to join our monthly pitching meetings, where you’ll get the opportunity to pitch your story ideas and get live feedback from Sentient Media’s editors and special guests;
  • Access to monthly networking events with fellow writers and special guests;
  • Access to special guest events: Join members-only events for exclusive Q&As and panel discussions; 
  • Access to one-on-one mentorship: Our mentors will be offering one-on-one meetings to help your writing grow. 


Each applicant’s qualifications will be considered on an individual basis. As part of this process, consideration will be given to the applicant’s socioeconomic group, educational background and/or status as a member of an underrepresented group, so long as this consideration is in keeping with the goal of obtaining the educational benefits of diversity. 

  • Those who are from a community underrepresented in animal rights and/or journalism, including, but not limited to, people who identify as: Black, Indigenous, person of color, residents of countries located in Asia, Africa, or the Global South, female, non-binary, or LGBTQ+, and who have a demonstrated financial need*;
  • Demonstrate a clear interest in learning about advocacy journalism;
  • Commit to attending at least three events or mentorship sessions within 3 months of joining;
  • Commit to working with the community to complete and pitch at least one article within 3 months of joining; 
  • Commit to completing at least 1 course within 3 months of joining.


Applications close 1st October at 5pm PT.

The first cohort of 15 writers will be notified by the start of October. 

*In reference to eligibility: If at any time the selection criteria of the Sentient Media Journalism Fund becomes contrary to law or Sentient Media policy, as determined at the discretion of the organization, Sentient Media may modify these criteria as necessary, while keeping them as closely aligned as possible with the selection criteria described above.

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