Letter From Our Executive Director

Everyone at Sentient Media would like to share how every single member of our community has contributed to keeping non-human animals in the press throughout 2020.

Our donors, members, advisors, and volunteers

Without the countless hours of dedication from our generous supporters, we wouldn’t be able to produce a single article for the animals—let alone the 200+ we’ve created. Without YOU we wouldn’t be able to build a better world for the animals by harnessing the power of the media.

Our 100+ writers and journalists

Without your stories, ideas, passion, and dedication to getting the facts about animals into the world, beyond the vegan echo chamber we wouldn’t have been able to reach over 25 million people with our publishing. Every time someone reads a headline that educates them or challenges their beliefs, you’re making an impact.

Our 1.65 million readers

Without you, we’d be speaking into the void. Our readers inspire us to keep going, your feedback, your generous sharing of our content, and your openness to hearing about the reality of industrial animal agriculture keep us working around the clock. Thank YOU.

Our speakers

A huge shout out to every single person who took the time to share their stories with our Sentient Sessions series. The variety of topics covered and the honesty with which each of you shared your advice was humbling and resulted in a series that went far beyond what we’d imagined.

The undercover investigators and whistleblowers

Those who risk their lives to uncover realities to share with the world. These people make our jobs a whole lot easier. Without the evidence and the facts, we won’t be able to shift the needle.

The photojournalists and social media stars

Jo-Anne McArthur and the We Animals Media team, Andrew Skowron, Cassey Phaneuf of Learn From Them, Sammantha Fisher, L214, Moving Animals, and many others. Whilst we wait for the rest of the world to catch up, these photojournalists capture the images we need to share our stories. Without these people working to capture unique images, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Our animal protection comrades

A big thank you to The Humane League, Million Dollar Vegan, Encompass, Our Hen House, Mercy for Animals, Faunalytics, Plant Based News, ProVeg, Open Wing Alliance, Farm Sanctuary, John Oberg, Jasmine Leyva, and Sentientism. Your support, kindness, collaboration, and elevation of Sentient Media in 2020 has been humbling and empowering. Thank you.

THANK YOU, each of you.

2020 has offered a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on animal lives and the impact of industrial animal agriculture on the health of human and non-human animals, our planet, and even our economies.

Our movement has taken the extended news cycle of COVID-19 as a chance to begin conversations, highlight injustices, and shift the needle for the animals. Now, with the world watching, it’s time for action. It’s more vital than ever that publications like us feature the truth.

We are a small, dedicated, and agile team with a powerful volunteer base. To keep reporting, we’re relying on you. If you find our work valuable, then please consider donating to Sentient Media.

We are reaching and engaging a wide audience by teaching those within the movement how to tell better stories and educating those outside of the movement who are questioning the truth.

Thank you for believing in Sentient Media, for sharing our content, spreading awareness, and for your tireless work for the animals. Every dollar you donate has an impact towards our collective goal to end animal suffering and to increase compassion for all sentient beings.

In solidarity,

Ana Bradley and the Sentient Media team