turkey Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Is for Vegans, Too

Thanksgiving presents an opportunity for vegans to share their passion for food with friends and family. Vegans are turkey lovers in their own way, but they might have reservations about a holiday bird roast Americans casually refer to as Turkey Day.

carne de laboratório

Clean Meat: The Logical Solution to End Factory Farming

Clean meat is a relatively new idea and one that will likely be called numerous things as it grows. Some people and organizations are calling it “cultured meat,” “cruelty-free meat,” “cell-based meat,” and “lab-grown meat.”

pig Prop 12

YES! Prop 12 Is Now the Strongest Animal Protection Legislation in the World

Californians turned out. They voted, and they made Prop 12 happen. As they say, how goes California, so goes the nation.

Book Review: The End of Animal Farming by Jacy Reese

There’s a certain excitement that comes from measuring the moral progress of a generation: new directions, hard work, little victories. This book is a battle cry.

animal agriculture robots

Robots Won’t Fix Animal Agriculture’s Welfare Problem

Cargill’s latest investments in robotics is a three-wheeled corralling robot that cost $40,000, which the…

food unsavory truth

Read This Book: Unsavory Truth

Yet another gem of food science from Marion Nestle—author of Food Politics and What to…

tree book review

Read This Book: The Tangled Tree

All history books should start like The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life…

book review nature

Read This Book: Pulphead

The story of “La·hwi·ne·ski: Career of an Eccentric Naturalist” from John Jeremiah Sullivan’s Pulphead: Essays…

wildlife trafficking pangolin

Read This Book: Poached

Wildlife Alliance/Flickr Journalist Rachel Love Nuwer reports from the front lines of the cruel trade…

raven bird black

Read This Book: The Ravenmaster

Tell me about the last raven you saw. How close did you get? How much…

dog good creature

Read This Book: How to Be a Good Creature

Do you ever think about how to be a good citizen of the world? It’s…

meat lobby diet

The Meat Lobby’s Version of Dietary Recommendations

Matt Brown/Flickr A draft of the latest Dietary Recommendations for Americans said that it’s healthier…

brain food tomato

Read This Book: Genius Foods

Push Doctor/Flickr This one’s for the health nuts. In Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and…

Read This Book: The Revolutionary Genius of Plants

Plants are good for us. Of the species we’ve discovered so far, 31,000 can be…

truth animals sloth

Read This Book: The Truth About Animals

Let’s talk about sloths. Lucy Cooke founded the Sloth Appreciation Society with one thought in…

North Carolina: Petri Dish for Industry-Favoring Agricultural Laws

North Carolina has been and still is a hub for some of the most restrictive and controversial laws in the country, including those favoring the animal ag industry.

Read This Book: The Secret Life of Cows

Did you know that cows can express social preferences? For some people, that’s as easy…

Read This Book: American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee

During Wyoming’s first legal wolf hunting season in 50 years, it cost just $12 to…

Read This Book: Eye of the Shoal by Helen Scales

The average seafloor is about 12,000 feet below the surface. That’s 90 to 99% of…

Read This Book: Buzz by Thor Hanson

Many of us are afraid of bees, but they help to shape our natural world.

vegan book

Read This Book: Skeptical Vegan

Skeptical Vegan is a salt-of-the-earth story about on how it felt to grow up and one night go vegan.