flight hens rescue

1,000 Hens Rescued From Slaughter at Struggling Iowa Egg Farm

The farm planned to “depopulate” more than 100,000 chickens, so rescuers chartered two planes to fly a group of hens from the Iowa farm to a sanctuary in Grass Valley, California.

slaughterhouse sheep workers

Meat-Free Future? Coronavirus Exposes America’s Fragile Food System

Supply chain problems and workplace infection risks mean experts are urging U.S. producers to focus on sustainability.

NYSE PETA activist shareholder

PETA Buys Shares In Slaughterhouses

PETA plans to use its shareholder position to influence Tyson, Smithfield, and others to switch to packing only plant-based meats.

chicken slaughterhouse worker

Slaughterhouses: Where Animal Rights and Workers’ Rights Suffer in Symphony

COVID-19 is exposing slaughterhouses as one of society’s most exploitative and unstable industries. In cramped, unsanitary conditions, workers and animals suffer endlessly.

pig cage suffering

Farmed Animals Culled En Masse as COVID-19 Outbreaks Halt Meat and Dairy Production

With COVID-19 closures impacting meat and dairy supply chains, the industry faces a choice: stay open and risk the lives of its employees, or shut down and force farmers to cull millions of animals.

cows farmed animals

From Livestock to Plants: Why Some Farmers Are Making the Switch to More Sustainable Agriculture

Switching from meat production to growing crops for vegan foods can be good for farmers and the environment.

climate protest activists

Climate Protests Move Online Amid Pandemic

In a year of unprecedented social and environmental upheaval, activist groups are scrambling to predict how the pandemic will play out.

biogas dairy farm

Are Dairy Digesters the Renewable Energy Answer or a ‘False Solution’ to Climate Change?

Capturing the massive quantities of methane dairy farms emit could reduce overall carbon pollution. But critics say the effort is propping up Big Dairy.

rice farm plant

Could Changing the Way We Farm Rice Be a Climate Solution?

Farmers are focusing on ways to reduce methane emissions and save water to further reduce the staple crop’s climate footprint.

farm washing vegetable

How Will Farms and Restaurants Emerge from Coronavirus? We Asked the Experts

Chefs, farmers, food activists, rural community leaders, and academics weigh in on the state of our food system, during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

meat plant beef

JBS Kept Colorado Beef Plant Open for Weeks During Pandemic. Now 3 Workers Are Dead

Sources inside the facility say management failed to adequately inform workers when the first COVID-19 cases broke out on the line. In fact, they did the opposite—offering workers bonuses to keep them coming back.

baby rabbit hands

Rabbit Advocates Celebrate “Easter Bunnies” Year ‘Round

Most families abandon their “Easter rabbits” in less than a year, overburdening shelters with new arrivals following the holiday season. Animal advocates recommend Easter celebrations that are cruelty-free.

wet market duck

Firsthand Look Inside Asia’s Busiest Wet Markets

Investigative photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur and documentary filmmaker Kelly Guerin visited Asia’s busiest wet markets to document the breeding grounds of highly infectious diseases like COVID-19.

chicken hen rescue

VIDEO: Berkeley Resident Opens Backyard to Rescued Chickens

Chickens are social animals–until we take their freedom away. They form groups, make friends, and help each other grow. Meet Hens of the Hills microsanctuary founder, Deirdre Duhan, and see what happens when this group of rescued hens get back their right to live.

koala wildlife rescue

When Natural Disaster Strikes, Wildlife Pays A Heavy Price

The Australia bushfires killed an estimated 1.25 billion wild animals. Emergency-preparedness plans still often ignore the needs of wildlife populations during and after natural disasters.

chicken soy feed

Does Soy Consumption Harm the Planet? Depends Who’s Eating It

The footprint of soy-based vegan food is negligible compared to that of “ghost soy” in meat, dairy, and eggs.

rural farmer

Family Farms and the Rise of Industrial Agriculture

Industrial farming practices are making it increasingly more difficult for independent farmers to sustain on their own.

dog person stress

Smells Like Trouble: Do Pets Feel Our Stress?

Studies suggest that dogs—and perhaps other companion animals—take on human emotions as their own. The connection implies that human self-care and companion animals’ health are closely intertwined.

duck rescue activist

King Cole Duck Rescue: Interview with Activist Jenny McQueen

Sentient Media Fellow Jesse Harris spoke with veteran activist Jenny McQueen about the recent action at King Cole duck farm and what a new Ontario bill targeting animal activists means for the budding social justice movement.

Dissociation and Delusion on a Dairy Farm: A Former Farm Worker Speaks Out

Susana Romatz struggled to mentally cope with the demands of working on a dairy goat farm—like separating mother goats from their babies—until she said enough was enough.

boy drinking milk

Dairy Industry Spends Millions on “Education Programs” for Children

In Australia, children as young as age five—who are naturally inclined to love and care about animals—are being “educated” by the dairy industry.

rancher lobby US

The Livestock Lobby’s Ploy to Write the Green New Deal

Ecosystems around the globe have been driven to the brink by agricultural encroachment. Now, growing interest in regenerative agriculture is giving the industry a brand new way to green-wash its image.

This Organization Is Creating a Cage-Free Germany

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation has promoted cage-free supply chains and other animal welfare initiatives for over 20 years. They’re just getting started.

joaquin phoenix protest

Joaquin Phoenix Urges People to Eat Plant-Based at London Protest

A lifelong animal advocate, Phoenix knows better than most: “We have a personal responsibility to take action right now.”

erica meier animal

Big Ag Has Almost Every Advantage. Animal Outlook Is Taking It Back.

Animal Outlook, formerly Compassion Over Killing, has revolutionized animal cruelty investigations, going deep undercover to bring the truth to light.

Australia Fires: Uncovering the Devastating Impact on Farmed Animals

Jo-Anne McArthur reports from the ground in Australia, where wildfires have wreaked havoc on farmed animals and wildlife.

gene baur pig

Changing the Way Society Views and Treats Animals: Gene Baur’s Journey to Farm Sanctuary

After nearly 35 years of animal advocacy, Farm Sanctuary co-founder Gene Baur is doubling down on his commitment to inspire and empower advocates wherever they are in their journeys.

Compassion in World Farming USA: On a Mission to Reform Our Current Food System

Sentient Media spoke with Rachel Dreskin, Compassion in World Farming USA’s Executive Director, about CIWF’s commitment to ending factory farming and improving animal welfare both nationally and globally.

At Least 2 Million Animals Killed in Barn Fires in US Since 2017

Amidst the news of animals dying in burning zoos and wildfires, Jessica Scott-Reid writes of the lack of protection afforded to farmed animals in North America.

The USDA Is Gutting Pig Slaughterhouse Rules. These Groups Are Fighting Back.

Pig slaughterhouses are now allowed to operate slaughter lines at any speed they choose. But how can an industry responsible for so much suffering be expected to regulate itself?

Cooked Alive: Transport Animals Face Deadliest Temperatures Yet

Heat waves aren’t just a people problem. When food, water, shade, and safe transport are scarce, farm animals are often the first ones to suffer.

Calf Life: A Story of Opioids, Export, and Abuse

Journalist Sophie Kevany reports from the front lines of the dairy industry, where there are suggestions cows might need opioids to cope with the stress of calf separations.

Deal for Trump: Go Vegan for January and Veterans Get $1m

In a bid to make American healthy again, a group is offering to donate one million dollars to veterans if President Trump goes vegan for one month.

Do Calls For Animal Rights Interfere With Religious Freedoms?

Animals play a role in religious ceremonies, meals, and sacrifices. Activists pursuing change to these roles face challenges regarding religious freedoms.

The Raven Corps: Youth Activists Making a Difference

Youth activists in The Raven Corps are coming together to bring awareness to the pivotal issues the world is currently facing. These activists will not be silenced in their mission to change the world.

From Brazilian Pastures to Middle Eastern Slaughterhouses

Footage captured by undercover investigators shows the tragic last moments of life faced by countless animals in Middle Eastern slaughterhouses after the long journey from Brazil.

Animal Rights Activists Lock Down B.C. Bank Sponsoring Nationwide RibFests

When businesses pay to support unnecessary animal slaughter and the destruction of our planet, the public has a right to know.

primate animal testing

Harvard Law Clinic Urges USDA to Improve Lives of 100,000 Research Animals

The case is the first filed by Harvard Law School’s new Animal Law & Policy Clinic, which teaches law students how to advocate for animals.

America’s Largest Foie Gras Distributor Sued for Deceptive Marketing

Within 24 hours of a city-wide foie gras ban passing in New York City, animal rights group Voters for Animal Rights filed a suit against the largest foie gras distributor in the United States.

NYC Passes Ban on Foie Gras Putting Animal Welfare First

A historic vote on animal rights legislation in New York City has led to the City Council banning foie gras from force-fed birds within city limits.

Fighting Against Foie Gras: NYC Moves Toward A City-Wide Ban

Is the “luxury” of foie gras worth the constant suffering of force-fed ducks and geese? A majority of New York City residents think not.

animal rebellion protest

Banned from Protesting in London, Activists Storm Local Slaughterhouse

British police arrested Animal Rebellion activists who disrupted operations at a Farnborough slaughterhouse that kills pigs, cows, goats, and sheep to call attention to the climate crisis.

VeganEvan Becomes Youngest Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach And Educator in the World

9-year-old VeganEvan just graduated from the Main Street Vegan Academy in New York, and is now the youngest person to ever become a vegan lifestyle coach.

Animal Rebels Occupy Cargill-Backed London Hedge Fund

Activists with Animal Rebellion risked arrest storming CarVal offices to expose companies profiting the most from climate change.

After 800 Years of Slaughter, UK’s Largest Meat Market Goes Plant-Based

Hundreds of Animal Rebellion activists descended on Smithfield Meat Market, igniting a global conversation on how to transition society towards a plant-based food system.

Advocates Agree: Increasing Kill Line Speeds Puts Animals and Workers at Risk

In the name of efficiency and productivity, kill line speeds are increasing in North American slaughterhouses. This is very bad for the animals, and bad for the people, too.

salmon hatchery cruelty

Suffering by the Millions at Atlantic Salmon Hatchery

Groundbreaking undercover investigation of salmon aquaculture exposes cruel, filthy practices of the industrial fish farming industry.

civet cat cruelty

The True Cost of Producing the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

New investigation from Moving Animals reveals the terrifying conditions of caged civets, whose feces are used to produce the world’s most expensive cup of coffee.

Rescued From Foie Gras: A Second Chance At Life with Farm Sanctuary

Despite the atrocities birds face in foie gras facilities, Farm Sanctuary is able to provide intensive care to these animals and give them the life they deserve.

Animal Rebellion arrest

Animal Rebellion Protester Arrested Outside Old Bailey in London

In a sweeping act of defiance, the protester spray-painted the side of the UK’s Central Criminal Court. Someone shouted, “Hey, you know you’re going to get arrested?” But that was entirely the point.