fur farm dog

Dogs Found Starving, Neglected at Polish Fur Farm

Horrific new footage from animal protection organization Open Cages shows domestic dogs and foxes neglected and starving at a Polish fur farm.

UN secretary general

“Nature Is Angry”: UN Secretary General Urges Public to Address Climate Emergency

In an exclusive interview, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said we are losing the race against climate catastrophe, but a Green New Deal can help.

dairy animal farm

The Problem with Farming Animals

There is an indisputable link between the climate crisis and animal agriculture. But let’s make one thing clear. Farm animals are not making the climate crisis worse – we are.

Index Like You Care: Sustainable Investing with Vegan ETF

Mitigating or fully avoiding the negative effects of extractive, destructive industries and companies is genuine cruelty-free investing. Vegan ETF makes responsible investing easy for anyone.

What Hudson Valley Foie Gras Doesn’t Want You to Know

A solemn state hangs over Hudson Valley Foie Gras, where over 300,000 mulard ducks are raised and killed for foie gras every year.

JUST chicken nuggets

Slaughter-Free Food: Cell-Based Meat Companies Join Forces

The food industry will need every tool in the toolkit at its disposal to feed 10 billion people by 2050. Animal farming is not one of them, but these slaughter-free chicken nuggets certainly are.

Human Consumption Isn’t the Only Threat to Marine Life

Animal species are facing one of the greatest threats to their existence: Human activity leading to the inevitable presence of microplastics in the world’s oceans.

amazon fire Brazil

Drone Footage Shows Devastating Aftermath of Amazon Fires

The Guardian just released aerial footage showing the desolation left in the wake of fires that have swept the Amazon rainforest over the past month.

Tragedy in the Amazon: Meat, Greed, and the US-China Trade War

China’s trade war retaliation on livestock-feeding US soybeans has created an opportunity for Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro is exploiting that by allowing the Amazon Rainforest to burn.

Julian Castro mic

Julián Castro: Environmentalist, Animal Protector, and Presidential Candidate

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro just became the first candidate on the 2020 campaign trail to endorse animal rights. For U.S. politics, this is a surprisingly rare and bold stance.

caged egg hens

Going Cage-Free: How Corporations Influence Public Opinion of Animal Advocacy

Corporate lobbying efforts at Subway, Dunkin’, and McDonald’s are playing an increasingly effective role in animal advocacy. 

Animal Rights March

Ready for Rebellion: 12,000 Activists March to End Animal Exploitation

On the morning of August 17, nearly 12,000 animal rights activists arrived at the Achilles Statue for the Official Animal Rights March of London. The march then moved to Trafalgar Square, where they blockaded the square in a peaceful, nonviolent manner.

cow farm stall

Animal Rights Activists Labeled “Domestic Terrorists” in Australia

Tensions between Australian farmers and animal rights activists are making international headlines, fueling a series of high-stakes protests that caught the attention of the country’s highest office.

chicken factory farm

Harvard Law School Launches Animal Law and Policy Clinic

The new program provides hands-on experience on legal advocacy on behalf of non-human animals as part of the school’s Animal Law & Policy Program.

pig factory farm

129 Million Pigs Were Killed for Food in the U.S. in 2019

The sad truth is the cruel practice of pig farming would not exist without the demand for pig products, which has never been higher.

Have You Tried Plant-Based Meat Yet?

Plant-based meat and the fantastic array of proudly “fake” and animal-free meat alternatives are changing the look and the value of protein as we know it.

President Trump smirks

Trump Administration Refuses to Implicate Agriculture in Climate Reports

USDA is undermining its own work on climate change. Even when government-funded studies show the mounting threat a changing climate poses to big ag, the department stays silent.

chicken factory farm

This Is How the Fast Food Industry Treats Chickens

Animal Equality just released new footage of extreme animal suffering on three chicken farms that supply the large restaurant chains and grocers in the UK.

priya sawhney direct action everywhere

A True Activist: How One Woman is Putting Compassion Above All Else

There are people who are passionate about causes. And then there are people like Priya Sawhney who are willing to put everything on the line for what she believes. This is Priya’s story.

activist pig farm

Animal Farmers Press Charges Against Activists, Cruelty Continues

The second they entered Excelsior Hog Farm, all 49 Meat the Victims activists knew they would likely face criminal charges. They also knew that they had a moral responsibility to the animals suffering inside.

NYC Fur Ban: The Beginning of the End for Fur Industry

With New York City, a world fashion capital, finally joining the crop of cities banning the sale of fur, the exploitative fur industry’s days are numbered.

woman chicken plant-based

How to Change a Chicken Farmer’s Mind

Chicken is America’s favorite meat, and farmers risk their entire livelihoods to produce it. But they don’t have to. What would you say to change a chicken farmer’s mind?

Emma Hurst Parliament

Australia Swears in Third Vegan Activist to State Parliament

Australians will return to the polls this Saturday in what’s becoming a pivotal election for animals and the environment. The big question: Will Australia’s next prime minister be friend or foe to the nation’s $30 billion animal agriculture industry?

hacker code screen

Hackers Target Brazil’s Leading Animal Rights News Site

Since last year’s election, the website has been shut down by pro-Bolsonaro hackers several times. The longest shutdown lasted 30 days.

Beyond Meat IPO

Beyond Meat Stock Continues to Skyrocket, Up 240%

Beyond Meat IPO’s is ringing all kinds of bells. Shares soared 167% on its debut last week. The valuation: $3.8 billion. What’s next for Wall Street’s freshest face?

broiler chicken farm

U.S. Kills 25 Million Chickens for Food Every Day

Former undercover investigator Geoff Regier takes us inside the disturbing world of factory farming, where 25 million chickens are killed for food every day—just in the United States.

peaceful protest sign

Watch: Unprecedented Animal Rights Protest at Pig Farm

A sign posted inside the farm read, “What happens in the barn, stays in the barn,” an explicit reminder of the industry’s aversion to transparency.

vegan egg white

This Animal-Free Egg Company Just Secured Global Distribution

Clara Foods plans to bring the world’s first vegan egg white to market in the next year, addressing the massive unmet consumer demand for animal-free products.

New York City to Phase Out Processed Meat by 2030 in Push for Green New Deal

New laws and actions will help NYC reach 30% emissions reduction by 2030—more than any other U.S. city—and unlike many big-oil-focussed climate initiatives, the Green New Deal is also targeting animal agriculture.

America’s First Vegan Charter School Denied Federal Funding for Removing Dairy

Lunches at public schools in America lack proper nutrition. This mother-turned-founder is taking it upon herself to build an educational curriculum for her daughter that aligns with her vegan values.

feather down black

Follow the Feathers: Why Down’s “Humane” Claims Can’t Be Trusted

Many companies claim the feathers they use in down coats, pillows, and blankets are “sustainable” and “ethical.” But such marketing is rampant in industries that want to gloss over the treatment of animals.

vegan woman protest

Nonviolent Vegan Protest Called “Un-Australian” as Prime Minister Sides with Farmers

The third-fastest growing vegan market in the world faces its biggest challenge yet—the May 2019 elections. Amid mounting criticism, members of the Animal Justice Party are still hot on the campaign trail.

School Principal Says ‘No’ to Animal Rights Club. This Student Is Fighting Back.

According to the United States Supreme Court, students do not give up their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly when they walk in the door. If the animal rights club at Volunteer High School is not approved, there could be serious consequences.

man poultry chicken

EU Poultry Production Hits Record High

Poultry farmers are growing chickens faster than ever to meet soaring consumer demand. At this rate, the EU will set a record for poultry consumption in each of the next 10 years.

new york city

New York Is Embracing Meatless Monday. Will Your City Be Next?

The commitment not to eat meat for one day each week can be portrayed as a culture war, meant to spark a bigger societal shift against meat consumption. In at least one sense, Meatless Monday’s critics are right.

woman fur coat

Statewide Fur Ban in California Passes First Vote

The bill, AB 44, would ban the sale of all fur goods across the state, carrying momentum from city-wide bans in California’s two largest metropolitan areas.

fur coat winter

San Francisco Banned Fur. Will the Anti-Cruelty Revolution Spread?

The movement away from real fur is gaining momentum. As consumers opt for animal-free alternatives, the fashion industry will be forced to respond. Gucci and Versace already took the first step.

Kellogg’s-Owned MorningStar Farms Just Pledged to Go Vegan by 2021. Who’s Next?

By committing to go vegan, the company will remove 300 million eggs from its product line every year. And they’re not the only ones making the switch. One of the largest meat producers in the world is on board.

Whole Foods CEO: “I Cannot Account for Our Suppliers”

When asked about the sustainability standards about its meat suppliers – Tyson and Cargill specifically…

The Next Generation of Alternative Proteins

Motif just received $90 million in Series A funding from the likes of Viking Global Investors, Breakthrough Energy Ventures— which includes Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson—agricultural goods titan the Louis Dreyfus Company, and Fonterra, a global leader in dairy production.

One State. 525 Million Farmed Animals.

525 million is a lot of animals to clean up after, and according to experts from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Waterkeeper Alliance, concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, do a horrendous job at containing the mess.

Report: Can We Feed 10 Billion People a Healthy Diet?

To stay below the 2-degree mark, the world needs to halt the conversion of high carbon ecosystems to carbon. That starts with what we eat and it will require a three-pronged approach.

Upcoming Film: The Rise of the Animals

In the same cages as the animals we farm, humans are forced to assume a much different perspective on factory farming. The film pushes humans to think about actually living in those conditions.

Corporate Sustainability and the Problem With Eating Meat

This year, deforestation in the Amazon reached a decade-long high, in large part because of an increased demand for soy to feed factory-farmed cattle. Rainforests in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela are suffering similar habitat destruction.

vegan capital world

Welcome to the Vegan Capital of the World

A new from Chef’s Pencil has crowned a new vegan capital of the world using Google search data.

The Impossible Burger 2.0 and the Next Generation of Food Tech

This year’s big ask from alternative meat maker Impossible Foods? Cheat on beef. On Monday, the new Impossible Burger 2.0 made its debut at CES 2019.

greenwald lingel series

Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media to Create Series on Animal Rights

We’re incredibly honored and excited to announce that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, vegan, and animal rights activist Glenn Greenwald will join Sentient Media’s very own Grant Lingel for a brand new video series about animal rights.

sheep animal happy

The Farm Bill Is a Big Win for Animals. Here’s Why.

Animal advocates, time to celebrate. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill signals the resilience of animal protection laws on a national level, something advocates have not seen the likes of on a farm bill since 2002 when Congress reassured the enforcement of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

chicken animal equality

JUST Cell-Based Meat Is Ready for Limited Release. What’s Next?

The plant- and cell-based meat market will be worth $10 billion when it gets to 13% of the market, a market share equivalent to that of the plant-based milk market today.

dairy cow farm

Labeling Meat Humane Is Not Humane—or Sustainable

Labeling meat “humane” that is not humane reflects America’s lack of a comprehensive animal welfare policy. And so, the fight continues.