dairy industry cow

Inside the Dairy Industry’s Closed Door Policy

Consumers rarely, if ever, get to see the cow that produced the milk they drink. For big dairy companies, the problem starts with the financial incentive to hide the suffering behind a human-animal relationship that exists solely to turn a profit.

vegan Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Files for the Plant-Based Food Industry’s First IPO

Current investors in Beyond Meat include Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack and Suzy Welch, Kleiner Perkins, and Tyson Foods.

This Utah Farm Is Sparing 100 Turkeys from the Thanksgiving Slaughter

Farmers joining hands with so-called animal rights extremists could signal a change to the direct action model, one that hopefully takes place without the law having to get involved. Let’s call it direct cooperation.

cow manure odor

There’s No Covering Up the Awful Smell of Factory Farming

The neighbors of factory farms are choking on toxic gases produced by farm animals, and the farmers know it. In September, a $400 million dollars lawsuit shut down the largest hog farm in the world.

vegan chef school

The World Needs More Vegan Chefs. Here’s Where to Look.

Vegan chefs are in high demand at the moment, so high that restaurants in London…

end animal farming

Q&A: Jacy Reese, Author of The End of Animal Farming

We chatted with Jacy Reese about his new book, The End of Animal Farming. Here’s what he had to say about redrawing the lines between humans, animals, and food in everyday culture.

genetically engineered animal

Report: Half the Country Is Against Genetically Engineered Animal Testing

According to the PEW Research Center, half of Americans support genetically engineered animal testing, while…

farm animals pig

What Happens to Farm Animals When Natural Disaster Strikes?

Washington state livestock industry leaders discussed disaster preparedness today in a year that has seen…

billion vegans marketplace

Billion Vegans: The New Vegan Marketplace

There is an Amazon for vegans, and it’s helping to define what we’re calling the…

meat regulators cell-based

This Big Meat Lobby Is Pro Cell-Based Meat. How Will Regulators Respond?

Earlier this summer, the largest meat lobby in America, the North American Meat Institute, and…

cell-based meat

Cell-Based Meat Faces One of its Biggest Challenges Yet

One of the big challenges for cell-based meat is to match the nutritional value of…

lion Africa wildlife

Who’s Protecting Africa’s Wildlife?

Africa receives 200 times more development aid than it does for its protected wildlife populations.…

animal abuse and factory farming

Animal Lovers: Unite!

Animal lives are at stake in the midterm elections. New legislation in California and Florida…

fish factory farm

This Video Shows Hundreds of Fish Out of Water and Suffocating

Anywhere between 37 and 120 billion fish are killed on commercial farms each year, with…

beyond meat label

Vegan Meat Company Beyond Meat Nears IPO

Beyond Meat According to a source close to the company, Beyond Meat is almost ready…

dark chicken farm

95 Noxious Chicken Farms

The lifetime asthma rate in Somerset County is 21%, compared to the statewide rate of…

chicken house Maryland

Chicken Farms Are Making it Harder to Breathe on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Residents of Somerset and Wicomico want the state to investigate the air for pollutants coming from chicken manure. Their elected officials don’t see the need.

wild horses roundup

U.S. Ranchers Could Be Sentencing Wild Horses to Death

Alarm bells went off after the Forest Service began rounding up 1,000 wild horses from…

climate change temperature

Missing the 2℃ Mark

During a drought earlier this year in Australia, where temperatures reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit, farmers…

cattle climate change

Can Animals Adapt to Climate Change?

It’s getting so hot out that Africa could lose up to 50% of its bird and mammal populations by the end of the century. Species loss in the Americas could hit 40% in the next 30 years.

eat happy food

80% of Millennials Choose Alternatives to Meat

Guess who eats the most alternatives to meat, millennials or non-millennials? Okay, that was a…

right whale migration

Right Whales Are Adapting to Warmer Waters

In the midst of some really bad climate news, here’s a story about animals adapting…

chicken plant suffering

67 Direct Action Everywhere Protesters Arrested at Petaluma Chicken Plant

Direct Action Everywhere/YouTube Direct Action Everywhere protesters stormed a chicken plant near Petaluma, CA, which…

shark fish net

California Governor To End Use of Driftnets

Mercy For Animals/YouTube Fish feel pain, which makes news that California Governor Jerry Brown signed…

plant sustainable food

Beyond Burger Is Officially Better For the Planet

It’s official, the Beyond Burger generates 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than U.S. beef. If…

buffalo wildlife conservation

When Wildlife Conservation Kills

6,000 wild buffalo, horses, donkeys, and pigs were culled from Kakadu National Park, Australia in…

grizzly bear protected

Judge Defends Yellowstone’s Threatened Grizzly Bears

Gregory Smith/Flickr A U.S. District judge just reinstated the Yellowstone grizzly bear’s threatened-species status. He…

pig gestation crate

Is There an End in Sight for Gestation Crates?

Tyson and Blue Apron are still using gestation crates, despite the major food suppliers’ efforts…

racoon smart animal

Smart Trash Cans, Smarter Raccoons

First, Toronto residents were afraid raccoon-proofing trash cans would starve out the raccoons. True, only…

Coronado Farms water

Big Ag Is Leaving Sulphur Springs Valley Residents Without Water to Drink

Big Ag is the largest groundwater user in Sulphur Springs Valley, AZ—and it’s not slowing…

Amazon Fresh delivery

Organic Plant-Based Burgers Coming to Amazon Fresh

After selling over 1 million burgers in less than 60 days, Don Lee Farms’ Organic…

abused factory farm animals

Hog Country Is Flooding

Animal Day/Flickr Four thousand clay lagoons full of manure runoff from North Carolina’s hog industry…

deer wildlife protected

How Much of the Planet Do Animals Need to Survive

One-third of the oceans and land need to be protected by 2030 to avoid an…

animal agriculture climate

Animal Agriculture Should Be Part of Climate Talks

Animal agriculture isn’t one of the main challenge areas for the Global Climate Action Summit…

Despite Lack of Animal Ag on Agenda, Climate Summit Talks Plant-Based

The climate science community, for over a decade now one of the most vocal defenders of factual scientific information, will not be able to leave animal agriculture off its agenda for much longer.

Smithfield pig farm

Smithfield to Shut Down World’s Largest Hog Plant

Smithfield Foods/YouTube Apparently, $400 million dollars is enough to get Smithfield to shut down their…

What Is Tennessee Valley Authority v. Hill?

In 1967 Congress appropriated $78 million in public funds to the Tennessee Valley Authority to…

smart animals bee

Wait… Bees Can Count?

For centuries, animals’ capacity for human-like behavior went unnoticed. But animals are smarter than we…

vegan chef dish

More Than Half of Chefs Add Vegan Options to Menus

51% of chefs added vegan options to their menus in 2018, and it’s paying off!…

The Challenges and Promise of Clean Meat

The Good Food Conference in Berkeley, organized by the industry powerhouse Good Food Institute, gathered hundreds of entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, media and other industry people into the packed two-day event.

food waste store

The Food Waste Economy

Maen Mahfoud grew up in Syria, wanting to be a doctor. He began medical school…

Puffins Don’t Have Enough Food to Eat

If seawater temperatures in Iceland increase by just one degree, which it has since the…

In North Carolina, Not All Milk Is Created Equal

North Carolina became the first state to pass legislation that would prohibit the use of…

What the Most Polluted Places on Earth Look Like

Here’s what the most polluted places on Earth look like. About 12,000 years ago, the…

Insecticides Linked to Developmental Delays

Insecticides are linked to developmental delays in toddlers. Oh, and Parkinson’s disease and lowered fertility…

Big Meat Is Pro Clean Meat

The largest meat lobby in America sees a future for clean meat. The North American…

When America’s Biggest Meat Company Came to Tonganoxie, Kansas

Residents were shocked at the proposal, not to mention the $500 million in tax-free loans the county had promised Tyson.

Livestock Farming Takes Up 41% of U.S. Land

Livestock farming takes up 41% of all U.S. land. See for yourself in this Bloomberg…

Is Grass-Fed Cattle a Sustainable Farming Practice?

With a growing public demand, two Harvard researchers attempt to answer that question. Over the…

McDonalds Celebrates 50 Years of Big Mac: Estimated 11 Million Animals Have Been Slaughtered for the Sandwich

The Big Mac was first launched 50 years ago. Over the decades, the sandwich has…