An End to Animal Testing Is Within Reach

With public knowledge of what happens inside animal experimentation facilities at an all-time high, the cruel practice may finally be on its way out.

woman holding cosmetics

These Big Brands Still Test Makeup on Animals

In the U.S., the FDA encourages nonanimal testing for cosmetic products. So why do so many companies still test makeup on animals?

sun rays through the clouds illuminating a boat on the calm sea

Overfishing Was Bad for Marine Life. Now It’s Getting Worse.

Consumers are increasingly aware of where their foods come from, and many are now turning the spotlight on the fishing industry for destructive practices like overfishing.

preparing plant-based snacks

7 Reasons Why Seafood Might Be Bad for You

Seafood has long been hailed by dietitians as a quality source of healthy fats and protein. But there is a darker side to seafood that is often not discussed.

Is Animal Agriculture Sustainable?

Animal agriculture generates massive amounts of greenhouse gases, despite the industry’s recent efforts to clean up its act.

Forest fire

How Factory Farms in America Drive Deforestation in Brazil

The fires in Brazil are part of a global problem, one which highlights the direct link between deforestation and loss of ecosystems with dietary choices made thousands of miles away.

Chickens crowded

A Closer Look at Factory Farming’s Environmental Impact

Factory farming is part of a global food system that prioritizes cheap food at the expense of animal welfare, society, and the environment.

What Is COP26 and Why Does It Matter? The Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference seeking to forge a global response to the climate emergency.

nutrition facts table

13 Misleading Food Label Claims and How Not to Be Tricked

Food labels frequently use carefully crafted language that misleads consumers to believe the products are healthier or more sustainable than they actually are.

chained cow being fed by farmer

How Does Cattle Farming Impact the Environment?

The conditions in which cows are farmed are detrimental to the air, water, habitat, and soil. Experts say the industry has been slow to adapt.


Why Is Veganism Important? 30 Reasons to Go Vegan

Many people believe that veganism is just a diet, but it’s so much more. Veganism is a lifestyle based on living in harmony with the world around us.

animal testing

Animals Testing, Exposed: Millions of Animals Suffer in Labs Every Year

Through animal testing, researchers try and often fail to determine if the products are safe for humans by examining their effects on animals.

Animals Have Some Legal Protections. Here’s Where They Fall Short.

Animal protection refers to the set of laws, belief systems, and activist networks dedicated to protecting animals from needless suffering.

Aerial views of CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) farms.

Mega Farms Called CAFOs Dominate Animal Agriculture Industry

CAFOs are industrial facilities where thousands of farmed animals are densely packed in sheds and feedlots. They’re one of the best examples of how broken our food systems really are.

pig intelligence

Are Pigs as Intelligent as Dogs?

Pigs are widely misunderstood as dirty, lazy, and unintelligent creatures. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pigs are highly intelligent, social, and creative.

difference between vegan and vegetarian

What’s the Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian?

While vegans omit all animal products from their diets, vegetarians still consume honey, milk, eggs, and other animal products.

how are chicken nuggets

What’s Really in a Chicken Nugget?

Chicken nuggets are a staple of fast food chains and grocery store freezers, but there’s more to the simple nuggets than meets the eye.

do lobsters feel pain

Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Here’s What Scientists and Advocates Are Saying

For years, animal advocates, scientists, and seafood enthusiasts have all been asking the same question: do lobsters feel pain? Finally, we have an answer.

animal rights

Animal Rights: The Simple Idea That Sparked a Movement

Animal rights is a revolutionary idea and social movement that requires humans to reexamine their relationship with animals, especially animals used for food.

People at airport or mall restaurant tables

Why the Business Lunch of the Future Should Be Animal-Free

It’s not your imagination: More people than ever are changing the way they eat. Shouldn’t the meals we share with others change, too?

crop plants

The Future of Food: Can We Build a Sustainable Food System?

To feed the world, food production simply has to change, and the growing climate crisis is making this change far more urgent.

animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty: What You Can Do Right Now to Prevent It

Animal cruelty often happens in plain sight, but it can be hard to recognize. Here are a few strategies to combat cruelty against animals in all its forms.

fish farmer

How Fish Farmers Became the Backbone of the Seafood Industry

More fish are now raised on farms than are caught in the wild, making fish farmers an integral part of the seafood industry. However, they face a number of environmental and ethical challenges.


There Has Never Been a Better Time to Go Plant-Based

Eating a plant-based diet is becoming easier and easier as restaurants add plant-based options to their menus and plant-based creators go viral.

pig farmer

Pig Farmers Know Best: Even Cheap Meat Comes With a Price

Over the past 50 years, mega-corporations have placed a firm hold on the pork industry, leaving many pig farmers in financial ruin.

sentient being

What Is a Sentient Being? Here’s Why the Definition Is So Important

There are a number of different definitions for sentient beings. Here’s how to navigate the complicated conversation around which animals are sentient and which are not.

Factory Farming: What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Because of factory farming, people can eat low-cost fish, chicken, beef, pork, and other animal-based foods, but at the expense of the environment, animal welfare, and marginalized peoples.


Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet: How to Start Eating Cleaner

Choosing to eat a whole-food, plant-based diet is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your personal health, the environment, and animal welfare.

plant-based seafood

Plant-Based Seafood: The Next Frontier in Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based seafood, an alternative to traditional seafood, has been gaining popularity in recent years and provides a more reliable and sustainable source of food without sacrificing flavor.

caged cows feeding

Meat, Money, and Politics: Inside Big Ag’s Struggle to Feed the World

The meat industry is controlled by a few deeply connected corporations that wreak havoc on the planet and exploit workers and marginalized communities without consequence.

plant-based milk

The Rise of Plant-Based Milk

The popularity of plant-based milks suggests a trend towards more compassion in the food system—for human health, the environment, and farmed animals.

dairy farmer

Dairy Farmers Find Themselves at the Center of a Troubled Industry

Dairy farmers work long hours in dangerous conditions, while animals are constantly impregnated and then separated from their young.

chicken farmer

Chicken Farmers Are Speaking Out Against the Rise of Corporate Agriculture

For years, chicken farmers have been organizing and sacrificing their livelihoods to speak out about how far big businesses will go in their search for profits. When will we listen?

problems with meat consumption

The Problems With Meat Consumption: Here’s What You Need to Know

There are more problems with meat consumption than you might think. Choosing to eat meat places your own health, the public’s health, and the environment at risk.

why is going vegan healthy

Is Going Vegan Healthy? 6 Benefits of Going Vegan in 2021

While it isn’t necessary to go vegan in order to be healthy, vegan diets can certainly help. Find out the benefits of cutting animal products out of your diet.

cultivated meat

How Cultivated Meat Went from Lab Experiment to Legitimate Solution

Like the Impossible Burger, cultivated meat is an industry-led technological innovation that will make it easier to cut animals out of your diet and eat meat, too.

industrial agriculture

Is Industrial Agriculture Really Making the World a Better Place?

Given the many negative impacts that industrial agriculture has on the environment, health, and animal welfare, its place in society is coming into question.

sustainable farming

Why Sustainable Farming Is More Important Now Than Ever

Sustainable farming is a broad term for the variety of methods used to produce food in ways that nurture society, the environment, and the economy.

plant-based chicken

Plant-Based Chicken: What Is It Made of and Is It Healthy?

With interest in meat alternatives growing, so is curiosity about what alternatives like plant-based chicken are exactly, and why consumers should consider eating them.

Two white rabbits in a cage at a factory farm in Italy

Inside the Dark World of Rabbit Farming

Rabbit is often celebrated as the “most sustainable” meat, but it emits more carbon per kilogram than both chicken and pork and causes millions of animals to suffer.

two cows behind a gate

How Animal Agriculture Is Accelerating the Climate Crisis

Move over, fossil fuels. The meat and dairy industries have a much bigger part to play in the climate crisis than most people are willing to admit.

organic farming

Organic Farming: A Welcome Alternative to Industrial Agriculture

Organic farming is a system of agriculture that does not use pesticides or other harmful practices that are typical of industrial farms when growing plants and raising animals for food.

plant-based foods

Plant-Based Foods: Better for You and the Environment

The numerous environmental benefits of eating plant-based foods have been well-documented. Animal agriculture is a primary driver behind climate change.


Can Permaculture Help Us Build More Resilient Communities?

Permaculture is a way of farming that seeks to work with nature instead of against it. But the use of the term is widely contested as a form of cultural appropriation.

woman looking at a screen

Go from Advocate to Journalist in Sentient Media’s New Course

Bringing together experts from journalism and animal advocacy, this course will empower you to take your skills to the next level regardless of your area of interest.

department of agriculture

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Who Does the USDA Really Serve?

Since its inception in 1861, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s primary function was to serve the interests of farmers, often at the expense of public health and the environment.

how long do cows live

Most Cows Don’t Die of Old Age

Cows can live for many years. But like other animals used in agriculture, their lifespans are cut short by the meat and dairy industries. So, how long do cows live naturally?

animal facts

What Animals Can Teach Us About the World We Share

So much of our lives are oriented towards other humans instead of animals. But learning these facts about animals may help you better understand the world we share.

two women laughing with a plate of hamburgers

32 Vegan Meat Substitutes That We’re Excited About

The popularity of vegan meat substitutes in supermarkets in the United States and around the world is growing. Check out a few of our favorites.

future of food

The Future of Food Has to Be More Sustainable—Here’s Why

Our current food system is fueled by factory farming. That needs to change—and fast—if we are going to feed 10 billion people by 2050.